The Church

The Church of Pentecost

With its headquarters in Accra, Ghana, the Church of Pentecost traces its roots far back to June 1931, when God made a covenant with a group of worshipers through a prophecy that He would raise a nation out of Africa that would be a spearhead and light to the world, heralding the 2nd Coming of Christ; and that the Gold Coast (now Ghana) had been chosen to fulfil this eternal Will and purpose of God. The prophecy continued that He (God) would accomplish this through a White Missionary from Europe who would come to lead the group in future, and the group which through many trials, tribulations, temptations and persecutions would be nurtured, protected and grow spiritually and numerically, would become a great International Pentecostal church which would send missionaries from the country, the then Gold Coast to all parts of Africa and the world as a whole. Six years after the above prophecy (1937), Pastor James McKeown was sent to Ghana, by the Apostolic Church, Bradford, UK at the request of the Apostolic faith Church. With time, a series of doctrinal differences among the people resulted into a denominational split where the Asamankese leaders broke away from Pastor McKeown to form the Christ Apostolic Church.

Rev and Mrs McKeown

Pastor McKeown and his group, which later in 1961 adopted the name “The Church of Pentecost”, embarked on massive evangelism through conventions and rallies, which resulted in an explosion of Pentecostalism in Ghana. In its effort to spread throughout the entire nation of Ghana, the church, under the chairmanship of Pastor McKeown, held its first convention at Winneba in December 1939, with over two hundred members in attendance. In April of 1940, during the Easter session, the church held its first General convention also at Winneba, with over four hundred attendees. The strong men behind Rev. McKeown were: Revs. J. S. Gyimah, S. R. Asomaning, S.W. Dufour, S. H. Ankamah, J. A. Bimpong, and R. O. Hayford (the first Evangelist of the Apostolic Church). Through this effort, the church opened branches all over the country (Ghana), beside its external branches.

Here in the Republic of Ireland, the church started with a handful of people in Letterkenny and Dublin. We now have branches two districts and 9 assemblies, and it continues to grow through vigorous evangelistic outreach. The Church of Pentecost comprises various movements operating in different ministries, which accommodate people of all ages.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to win the world to Christ through propagation of the gospel to the utmost part of the earth. As such, the Church launches evangelistic campaigns of various categories to reach out to the lost.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs “Tenets” are solely based on Biblical standards, teaching our members to live pure and holy lives at all times eschewing sin to allow the holy spirit to reign in the church, thus bringing liberty and deliverance to all who flee into it. Prayer and teachings of sound doctrine are the vital aspects of our service, accompanied with praises and worship.

Our Principles

Based upon God’s covenant with the church, the Church does not solicit financial assistance from any external source. Through the members’ faithful Tithing and offering, God is able to meet our financial needs in season to prove his divine presence, blessing and glory with the church. Thus, the church operates on total dependence on God.

As a loving father, the church rebukes, disciplines, and restores its erring members in the spirit of love, compassion and patience, to prepare its members as brides without blemish for God on the last day.