The Evangelism Ministry is the evangelistic wing of the Church, whose main objective is soul winning through effective evangelism. Strategies of Effective Evangelism are therefore the main lessons taught at witness classes.

Besides, the Principles, Constitutions and Tenets of the Church, as well as in-depth study of the Bible and exploration of other Biblical mysteries are all discussed at their meetings to produce well-informed members of the church who would not be swayed by any false external teaching outside of the Biblical principles. Visitation, follow-up, counselling and nurturing of new converts and backsliders are other spots where the Witness Movement operates. Other lessons on how to perform the various activities in the church, such as chorus leading, conducting services, worship leading, etc., are also treated to produce dynamic members in the local assemblies. They pray for the growth of the church and intercede for the afflicted, sick, lost, etc. They also train the youth and the singles to live pure lives and to effectively serve the Lord while single.

On the other hand, the mission organizes interesting programs such as marriage seminars, debates, quizzes, drama, symposia, etc. This Mission is open to all groups of people, regardless of age, gender, position, etc.

Known also as the ‘backbone’ of the church, members met to pray and study the word of God. This was followed by the emergence of an evangelistic group called “The Bombing Group”, the name of which was derived from the World War II, when the allied forces bombed their enemies’ territories.

It was this same evangelistic fervour which moved men like the late Apostle J. Egyir Paintsil, Evangelist L. A. Nyarko, Elders Johnny Mallet, Amissah Andoh, and many others from the bombing group; thus bombing the kingdom of the devil to set men and women free from the bondage of sin into the Kingdom of God. This group, having emerged at the beginning of the church, gave themselves to prayer, fasting, bible study, and all-night service to be well equipped for his ministry. Through the directions of the Holy Spirit, the group went out to preach and establish churches in different places. This really promoted the establishment of the kingdom of God in the once occupied territories of Satan.

Around 1950, the name Witness Movement was adopted for the group and was unanimously accepted by all. The age limit was therefore removed after the introduction of the broad-spectrum name and the door was opened to all members of the church (men and women both old and young) to the work of witnessing. Since the group was constantly waging war against Satan, their battle cry was “Victory, through the blood of Jesus”. In time, other slogans like “Sons of God, March forward”, ”Arise and Shine”, etc. followed.

The vision and mission of the Evangelism Ministry include;

  • It is the oxygen pipe of the church which spearheads all outreach programs
  • To get the word of God to the un-reached
  • To offer training to the local assembles
  • To nurture new converts with the fundamental doctrines
  • In collaboration with other Ministries they organize joint revival, retreats and evangelical programs
  • They are rightly involved in church planting programs

Elder Isaac Effah is currently the National Leader of the Evangelism Ministry.

Sons of God … March Forward